Summer Time

My projects and thoughts of the day.

Disneyland And Silicon Valley Advanced Technology

The character of Quorra in the movie Tron Legacy inspired me to read the science fiction works by Jules Verne entitled 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Vingt mille lieues sous les mers), Around The World In 80 Days (Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours), and Journey To The Center Of The Earth (Voyage au centre de la Terre). Today I have been wondering about the popularity of the amusement theme park Disneyland. One will not be able to experience the essence of the original Disneyland theme park from the 1970's era when the Internet and today's 3D games did not exist. Today Disney has been popularizing the presence of the costumed Darth Vader from the movie Star Wars at the amusement park. I thought the new Disneyland will make an exact replica of the world of Tron Legacy for a resort or luxury entertainment plaza to promote advanced architecture and advanced materials. I always wonder why architects have not upgraded the design of our commercial and residential buildings. Houses with sloped roofs are antiquated. The patent for the robotic building construction Kite Bricks, Ltd is awesome. If I could be employed by DeLoitte for creative consulting and business development my project proposal will include renovating a futuristic theme park and upgrading the city designs of a new Silicon Valley. Designers who inspired me for a new Disneyland include the neoarchitecture designs by architect Zaha Hadid and the design teams from the movies of Tron Legacy and Oblivion.

Do You Read Camera Instructions?

Yesterday afternoon, when making a photo of my own creation from LEGO building blocks using my compact Sony TX-55, I decided to look at the myriad of features from the menu system on the touch screen camera interface. I was looking for a feature to print a custom title overlay on the image. I recognized some of the standard image editing icons from the Sony TX-55 interface. I was surprised to see in-camera editing, a feature similar to the software Adobe Photoshop (or Gimp). I found a LEGO theme frame image decoration. I was surprised and thought at that moment once again - Sony Japan is awesome and inspiring. From that moment I remembered my compact pocket camera the Panasonic Lumix FP-1 can play popular music for a slide show presentation. Camera features from Japan are amazing. I wondered how many people read the manual that is included with their new digital camera these days? I bought the Sony TX-55 camera in Year 2011. From the Sony website a new software PlayMemories from 2014 is available for free.

Mona Lisa Panorama 360 VR

"il n'y a pas de neige aujourd'hui?" I thought of the snowy season from the web cam of the ski resort at Sommet de la Saulire, a mountain of Savoie, France at 2,738 metres above sea level. I remember the website of the 360 VR image from Courchevel, France today that I found from bing search query a few years ago. It will be snowing in the mountains of Courchevel soon. The web and virtual reality panorama images continues to amaze me. We are teleporting to France from Silicon Valley in real-time via the Internet. A quick visit to the Louvre and we are teleported standing among the crowd of tourists in front of the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, painted 511 years ago.

Junk Storage And Simplicity

October, November, December and the New Year 2015 is here. Time is fast. Sony is now selling e-ink digital paper for $1100. Today I am inspired by Sony, yesterday I discarded junk and unnecessary clutter in desks, closets and storage at my residence and office. I am following the tradition of feng-shui and a minimalist modernization vegan lifestyle. I am finally using debit cards in place of paper currency.